Yeddyurappa ‘diary copies’ appear not genuine, need originals for forensic analysis: Income Tax Department


Yeddyurappa, in a recorded statement, tells the department that the pages are false and fabricated.

The Income Tax Department has cast doubts over the veracity of the loose sheets that are allegedly copies of a diary kept by former Karnataka Chief Minister B.S. Yeddyurappa ”recording transfers of large amounts of money” to other senior BJP leaders. The originals needed to be sent for forensic analysis but the originals have not been found yet, it said.

“It is clear that for a forensic analysis of the disputed writings to establish its evidential value, originals of the same are required,” the statement said.

“All efforts have been made by the Income Tax Office concerned to procure the originals of the disputed writings. However, the details about the place and custody of the original writings and, if the original writings exist, are not available. The same loose sheets prima facie appear to be of a doubtful nature and were given by the person who was being raided for tax violations,” the statement said.

The department said that it had carried out a search of properties associated with DK Shivakumar and his companies, during which “a large evidence of incriminating material” against him were found. Further, during the search, photocopies of a diary with “numerical entries against some individual names” was also provided to the raiding party. The originals were never provided, the department said.

Shivakumar’s recorded statement

In a recorded statement, Mr. Shivakumar said the copies were from a diary written by Mr. Yeddyurappa and the payments made by him to various legislators, and received from various leaders, MLAs, and ministers while they were in power, the department said. Mr. Shivakumar did not reveal where he got the sheets from, and that he did not know the time period during which these transactions allegedly took place.

The department then questioned Mr. Yeddyurappa, who in a recorded statement said that the pages were false and fabricated.

“He [Mr Yeddyurappa] stated that he was not in the habit of writing a dairy and that the loose sheets in question were not in his handwriting,” the statement said. “He denied his handwriting and signatures on the loose sheets. He further stated that contents of the loose sheets were false and fabricated and his name has been used to malign his political career. He also provided a sample of his handwriting in order to verify the genuineness of the said loose sheets.”


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