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Wind yet to gain strength, monsoon plays hide and seek

KOCHI: A month has passed since the monsoon arrived in Kerala. However, the hill districts are yet to get a feel of monsoon. While the northern districts of Kasaragod, Kannur and Kozhikode have received bountiful rain, the monsoon has been deficient in hill districts where most of the power and irrigation projects are located. According to experts, the present climatic conditions are expected to continue for the next two weeks.

“The wind should gain strength to bring rain to the hill ranges. Usually, depressions will develop in the Bay of Bengal which will trigger strong winds,” said IMD former director S Sudevan. According to the extended range forecast of IMD, there is no indication of the formation of any cyclogenesis (development or strengthening of cyclonic circulation) in the North Indian Ocean region before July 10. “A low pressure area may develop over the land near Bihar by the second week of July and move in the northwest direction. This may help bring more showers to the high ranges,” he said.

As per the IMD data for June, the monsoon was 58 per cent deficient in Wayanad, 49 per cent in Idukki and 35 per cent in Thrissur and Palakkad. Malappuram had 29 per cent deficit. As major reservoirs are located in these districts, the situation has caused concern.  However, the situation is satisfactory compared to the same period in 2019. “The situation is better compared to last year. The southern branch of monsoon current should become active for the monsoon to deliver,” said Cusat Department of Atmospheric Sciences assistant professor S Abhilash.

District    2019    2020
Alappuzha     -20    -14
Kannur     -31    +11
Ernakulam    -33      -27
Idukki    -48    -49
Kasaragod    -44    -14
Kollam    -34    -17
Kottayam     -26    -3
Kozhikode     -16    +31
Malappuram      -38    -29
Palakkad     -35    -35
P’Thitta      -38    -7
T’Puram     -4    +13
Thrissur      -40    -35
Wayanad      -55    -58

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