Wildfires devouring Anchunadu valley


Wildfire incidents continued to cause large-scale destruction in the Anchunadu valley on Monday.

The fires in the Vattavada, Jendamala, Pazhathottam and Oorkad areas could not be brought under control.

Spread of fire

There are fears that the fire could also spread to Mannavanchola and Pampadumchola, known as biodiversity spots.

A team of 600 members, led by Munnar wildlife warden R. Lakshmi, are trying to bring the fire under control. Large areas of forestland and private land in Marayur and Kanthallur have already been engulfed by the wildfires. The fires have destroyed plantations and grasslands in the Anchunadu valley and in Vattavada.

It is estimated that the fire has destroyed nearly 600 ha including the forest in the Anchunadu valley.

The wildfires have spread to the Pampanmala, Chattamunnar, and Thalayar hills in Munnar.


It is estimated that nearly 200 ha of grasslands in the forest have been destroyed in the wildfires. An official of the Forest Department said the rise in temperature caused the grasslands to dry up early and lack of enough funds did not allow any full-fledged precautionary measure to be taken.


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