Ways To Know Adulteration In Honey


Honey is good for health. But adulterated honey isn’t. Today, most of the honey that we get in the market isn’t the real honey with its valuable nutrients.Some sellers mix certain other ingredients like glucose solution or some other sweetener in the process of adulteration. Some go to an extent of adding certain chemicals to honey.Do you know that some adulterated honey also contains high fructose corn syrup which is bad for health? It could even cause obesity, heart disease and diabetes.Here are some ways to know about adultereation in honey.

1.Buy honey from the store nearby and get ready for the test. One tablespoon of honey would do.Get a glass of water and simply place the tablespoon that contains honey in it. Adulterated honey gets dissolved in water. If it is pure, it doesn’t mix well with water.

2.Here is another method. Mix a few drops of honey in water. Get a bottle of vinegar and sprinkle a few drops in it.If you see foam in the solution then the honey is adulterated with some chemical. Most probably it could be gypsum!

3.A very simple way of testing honey is by observing its fluid movement. Just take a teaspoonful and try to move the spoon.Adulterated honey may move and fall from the spoon quite fast as it contains more water. Pure honey is thicker and takes more time to move as a fluid.

4.Get a matchbox and light one stick. Pure honey is supposed to burn when you light it. Adulterated honey contains lots of water which puts off the fire.

5.When you mix iodine with honey, if the mixture turns into blue color then the honey is adulterated. This happens especially if the adulterated honey contains starch. A drop of iodine in a spoon of honey is enough to test it.

6.Here is another simple way to detect the purity of your honey. Take a slice of bread and dip it in a tablespoon of honey.Or simply soak the slice in honey for a few minutes. If the honey is pure, the bread tuns hard. If the honey is adulterated, then the water content in it could make the bread softer.

7.Why raw organic honey is good? Well, it comes with vitamins (A, B, C, D and E) and amino acids. It also contains antioxidants. Honey is also anti-bacterial. It also helps digestive system function well.

These are the ways to know about adulteration in honey.


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