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Water, water everywhere, but not enough to drink : TELANGANA

Incomplete Mission Bhagiratha works force villagers in Station Ghanpur sub-division to depend on water cans

Water in the 1.57 tmc reservoir near Station Ghanpur sub-division is abundant and yet, residents have been struggling for drinking water. Every day, people here are seen carrying 15-litre water cans for which they pay ₹20.

The villagers were hopeful of their woes ending when the State government announced new pipeline connections would be provided to every household as part of its flagship drinking water project, Mission Bhagiratha. But their hopes were dashed as overhead tanks with old connections were merely painted blue to give the impression that they were new connections.

Even after the expiry of the deadline for completion of all works related to Mission Bhagiratha, they are pending in Station Ghanpur sub-division. This has forced the residents to depend on groundwater and other sources to access drinking water.

The Station Ghanpur sub-division covers Station Ghanpur, Chilpur, Raghunathapally, and Zaffergadh. In all, around 30,000 households of the total 60,000 have been given pipeline connections under Mission Bhagiratha while the remaining have old tap connections.

Officials said 120 old overhead tanks were ‘converted’ into Mission Bhagiratha connections and 132 new tanks are being constructed in the villages. “A majority of physical works in the project — around 80% of the pipeline laying process is completed in the intra villages,” Deputy Executive Engineer of Mission Bhagiratha, Station Ghanpur sub-division, B. Karun Kumar said.

He said under the Mission Bhagiratha project, 60,000 households were being supplied water, but the people are depending on private water plant and purchasing drinking water. He said that old overhead tanks being painted blue was a baseless allegation and with the instruction of higher officials, the old tanks were repaired and supplying water. “We are creating awareness that Mission Bhagiratha water is safe for drinking. We will ensure that the pending works are completed within a couple of days,” said Mr. Kumar.

Meanwhile, Minister for Panchayat Raj Errabelli Dayakar Rao convened a meeting with officials and instructed them to expedite works so that safe drinking water is supplied to all households at the earliest.

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