Vishal meets with accident in Turkey


Tamil actor Vishal Reddy who flew to Turkey along with his movie team has met with an accident during the shoot. The reports suggest that Vishal has sustained a hairline fracture with minor injuries. But, the situation isn’t dangerous, the sources said.

Vishal is shooting for an upcoming movie under C Sundar’s direction. Tamannah Bhatia is to appear alongside Vishal as the female lead in this flick. The movie team recently flew to Turkey.

It was scheduled that the team would shoot for a couple of action shots and important sequences in Turkey. Vishal was supposed to shoot for a bike action sequence when the accident took place. Vishal reportedly lost control over the bike he was shooting with.

Vishal was soon rushed to the hospital. A picture of him having his hand wrapped with a bandage is now going viral on social media. Though there isn’t any official information, Vishal appears fine as per the photo.

Vishal got engaged to a Hyderabad-based girl named Anisha Reddy recently. The couple is to get married soon.


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