Use Aarogya Setu for online ticketing in public transport: CRRI guidelines


NEW DELHI: Staggered timings for office goers, use of Aarogya Setu for on-line ticketing in public transport and metro tokens/cards that does not require interface — these are part of guidelines for Social Distance for Public Transport prepared by a national laboratory.

The guidelines by the Central Road Research Institute (CRRI) emphasize that during the present prevailing COVID-19 pandemic situation, there may be high risk for commuters travelling by metro and bus and chances of spreading of the virus are also very high.

“Commuter should avoid touching tokens or card at the scanning machine, instead they should keep it at least 10mm above the scanning point. This will prevent transmission of the virus from one token to another (in case any of the token is carrying the COVID-19),” according to guidelines.

With the government focusing on the use of Arogya Setu, the CRRI said the on-line ticketing aspect could be introduced into an app to buy travel tickets.

“Staggered days and/or hours for offices/markets/shopping area can be adopted. Five working days for offices and schools can be managed on rotation bases by including weekends. Also, staggered working/ schooling hours to be adopted,” it suggested.

For scanning, security check-up during metro travel, the guidelines say that the baggage scanning machine is the most unsafe place.


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