Toll collection at Paliyekkara stopped temporarily in view of coronavirus threat


THRISSUR: District Collector S. Shanavas directed the toll plaza authorities to stop the collection of toll at Paliyekkara on Tuesday, in the wake of corona threat in the state.

All the political parties in the region had come out against the collection of toll at Paliyekkara amidst the coronavirus infection, as there are chances of spread of disease since people handle smart card and cash by hand with out any precautionary measures.

UDF Puthukkad constituency committee, AIYF and other local parties had demanded the stoppage of toll collection as a precaution.

After analysing the situation, the collector visited the toll plaza on Tuesday and directed to stop collection of toll.

Since the entire state had been under lockdown, the movement of vehicles had already reduced and hence stopping the toll collection would not incur any loss to the company.


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