Thrissur Pooram on Oscar reminder list


Resul Pookutty’s film The Sound Story is on the magical sounds of festival

The magical sounds of Thrissur Pooram may find resonance at the Oscars.

The Sound Story, a film on sounds of the pooram by sound editor Resul Pookutty, has made it to the reminder list of productions eligible for the 91st Academy awards, according to a Facebook post by him. In all, 347 films are in the reminder list of the award.

The Oscar-winning sound editor and his team recorded the sounds of the 36-hour festivities of the last pooram.

Six languages

He captured the rich sounds of the pooram, from the percussion ensemble to the parading of elephants and fireworks, for the global audience.

Pookutty also has his break as an actor in the 100-minute film. The film to be released in English, Hindi, Urudu, Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam will hit the cinemas soon.

“It is my long-cherished dream to record the wonderful sounds of the pooram to take it to the rest of the world,” Pookutty said while recording the sounds at Thekkinkadu Maidan earlier this year.

Terming Thrissur Pooram the eighth wonder in the world , he said he wanted to place people elsewhere in the middle of the festival ground through the film. He used 128 tracks for capturing the sounds of the pooram.

He even dedicated a song in the film, Pooram Varavayi, to the legendary elephant Thiruvambadi Sivasunder, which died a month ahead of the pooram.

Written and directed by Prasad Prabhakar, the film is produced by Rajeev Panakkal for Palmstone Multimedia. The Sound Story album, released by Sony, has songs in English, Hindi, Urudu, Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam.

Pookutty has dedicated the film to the visually challenged. It may be the first film that has script in Braille. The film was screened at the Chennai International Film Festival this year.


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