Third phase of Covid spread will be more dangerous: KK Shailaja


KANNUR: The third phase of Covid-19 spread would be more disastrous, said Health Minister KK Shailaja. Speaking to reporters here on Saturday, she warned that there is a possibility that the COVID spread would be more intense in the state in the coming days.We have to keep on doing the good work we have been doing till now. Otherwise things would slip out of our hands, she said. Don’t expect that more relaxation would come even after the third phase of the lockdown.

If the number of patients increases, the government would not be able to provide the facilities which are being provided to patients now. So people have to be careful to follow the instructions of the government so that the numbers could be controlled with the help of health department and police. The first preference of the government is to avoid deaths.

The government has to be careful not to do things which would increase chances of a community spread.  So, a decision regarding opening up of public transport system would be taken later, only after analysing the situation in the state, the minister said.


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