Things To Know About Coffee Enema


If you are someone who eats out on a regular basis and travels through pollution often, chances are that your body could be filled with a lot of toxins!So, it is important to detoxify your system once in a while.When our cars or other vehicles start to experience minor problems, we send them to the servicing stations to get them cleaned up and fixed.Similarly, our body too needs cleansing from time to time, if we want to remain healthy, especially if we are being victims to minor ailments.Now, most of us would have heard of the detoxification method known as enema.Enema is a procedure in which, liquid or gas is injected into the intestines, through the rectum, in order to flush out the waste and toxins present in the intestines.Usually, water is used to perform enema; however, a new technique in which coffee is used instead of water in the process has been introduced and it can be pretty safe.Here are some things to know about coffee enema.

1.Coffee enema includes organic coffee powder, dissolved in water, which is used for the procedure.

2.According to numerous scientific studies, coffee enema can decrease the toxin levels in the stomach, up to 60%.

3.Improves the peristalsis rhythm of the colon, thereby boosting the quality of digestion.

4.Helps in the elimination of harmful microbes, parasites and fungi like candida that grow in the intestines.

5.The antioxidants present in coffee can help improve the flow of bile juice and ease away bloating.

6.Coffee enema also has the ability to repair and regenerate liver cells and prevent certain liver diseases.

7.Coffee enema is also used regularly to ease the symptoms of certain kinds of cancers.

These are the things to know about coffee enema.


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