Things To Do To Prevent Heat Stroke In Summer


Some places are very hot in summer. When climatic conditions are harsh, you may need to take special care to protect your body.Heat stroke is the first danger that comes with summer season. Many people die every year due to heat stroke. When the fluids in you dry up, it could turn into a life threatening condition.If the body is exposed to heat for prolonged periods, certain organs get damaged. Some symptoms like rapid breathing, headache, abnormal heart rate, nausea, redness on skin and too much of sweat along with dizziness are alarming signs of heat stroke.Here are some things to do to prevent heat stroke in summer.

1.Onion Juice: Though it sounds funny, smearing onion juice on the chest and one the back-sides of your ears can help. This practice can reduce the temperature of the body. Also, eating an onion along with a salad helps.

2.Tamarind Water: Add some amount of tamarind to water and boil it for 10 minutes. Drink the water after straining it. Tamarind offers several minerals, electrolytes and vitamins too. It reduces the body temperature.

3.Plums: Even plums hydrate you. They provide antioxidants that reduce inflammation and prevent heat stroke. First, soak plums for some time. After they become softer, press them and mash. Drink the water. It prevents heats stroke.

4.Coconut Water: Sweat robs your body of water. Drink coconut water and butter milk. They hydrate you again and also compensate for the lost minerals. Coconut water also supplies electrolytes.

5.Mint Juice: Even the juice of mint leaves cools your body. Also, coriander leaves can be juiced. Drink a glass a day during summer.

6.Apple Cider Vinegar: Take a glass of water and add apple cider vinegar to it. Drinking it can compensate for the lost electrolytes and minerals due to heat in the surroundings.

7.Aloe Vera Juice: Aloe vera juice can prepare your body to adjust itself to the climatic changes. Drink a glass in the morning.

8.Sandalwood Paste: Sandal wood paste can bring the heat down. Just smear some paste on chest and forehead.

These are the things to do to prevent heat stroke in summer.


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