Things That Your Back Pain Is Trying To Tell You


Is your persistent back pain hampering your daily activities? Do you feel that no remedy is helping you with your back pain? If yes, then we understand how frustrating it must be for you. Any type of body pain can lead to a lot of discomfort and can also hamper your daily activities.It is said that back pain is one of the worst kinds of body pain, as your back is the region of your body that supports most of the movements, be it bending, walking or even sitting. When you have a constant back pain, even little tasks can seem strenuous and impair your movements to a considerable extent.

There may be a number of reasons for the development of back pain such as injuries, an unhealthy lifestyle, bad posture, weak bones, infection of the bone ligaments, etc. Many a times, a back ache may not be just that and may be an indication of something more.Here are some things that your back pain is trying to tel you.

1.Stress: Stress can tighten your muscles and tissues, especially in the shoulders and back, so if you have an unexplained back pain, it could be from stress!

2.Excess Gadget Use: If you are someone who is spending a lot of time sitting in from of a computer or a phone, then you could be affected by back pain, due to posture issues.

3.Wrong Footwear: Your back pain could also be an indication of wrong footwear which could be too tight, or has very high heels! This habit must be corrected to prevent injury.

4.Muscle Imbalance: A severe, constant back pain could also be an indication of muscular imbalance disorders, which can lead to weakness of nerves in the back.

5.Ruptured Disk: Back pain could also be an indication of a slipped or ruptured disk in your spinal cord, which is rather dangerous and requires immediate treatment.

6.Bone Cancer: Constant, sharp pain in the back can also be a sign of bone cancer, as this type of cancer can damage the tissues of the back bone.

7.Sports Injury: Many a times, we would have injured our backs internally, while exercising or playing a sport, but we ignore it since there is no external evidence. This can also be a sign of blunt back aches.

These are the things that your back pain is trying to tell you.


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