The girls of ‘Bigil’


The Atlee-Vijay film has promoted itself as one of Tamil cinema’s first sporting dramas, which is dedicated to women. What do the young actors and footballers in the film feel?

Love it or hate it, but you certainly can’t ignore the Bigil phenomenon. The hotly-debated film may continue to rake in record-breaking box-office figures, director Atlee could step into Bollywood, and Vijay’s already moved on to his next Thalapathy 64 shoot. But the sports-action drama has mattered most and given an impressive platform to those it was primed around: the girls who played the footballers.

A mix of up-and-coming actors and professional sportswomen, the ‘Singappengal’ of the film are delighted with its success and the fleeting but fascinating fame surrounding them, working alongside a A-lister like Vijay. How do they feel now post the film’s release? Was the ‘women empowerment’ tag the film was marketed around truly realised in the plot? What was their favourite memory from the shooting experience? We catch up with a few of the young women to talk about their Bigil experience…


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