Symptoms That Women Should Not Ignore


Certain habits may have cumulative effect on your health as time passes by and that is how you develop diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular issues or even cancer.Generally, women are busy helping others in the family and the workplace but in the process, they may ignore their own health.Your career and your family are important. But as a woman, you must give your health first priority. Here are some symptoms a woman should not ignore.

1.Moles: If you see new moles anywhere on your body, you shouldn’t take it easy. If the size, shape or any other feature of the mole is abnormal, go to a doctor to rule out the possibility of skin cancer!

2.Lumps: Though lump in the breasts doesn’t mean only cancer, it is better to talk to a doctor if you sense it. This is one of the signs you shouldn’t ignore.

3.Abdominal Pain: Stomach pain in women could be due to PMS. But wait; it could also be due to gastritis or even constipation. If you experience it frequently, consult a doctor. Don’t ignore it.

4.Frequent Urination: If the urge to urinate comes every 10 or 15 minutes, it could be due to infections. Your doctor can tell you whether you’re suffering from urinary tract issues.

5.Cough: If your cough is persistent for weeks and months, it isn’t the normal cough due to irritants in the air or climate change. It could be a symptom of something serious. Consult a doctor.

6.Breathless: If a few steps of walk or taking a few stairs tires you and makes you gasp for breath, you may need to see the doctor to know about the reason why.

7.Anxiety: If your anxiety doesn’t let you live peacefully, then it is going to destroy you.Unresolved issues may cause stress and later on ruin your health. High BP, digestive issues and many other health issues are a result of stress and anxiety.

8.Insomnia: Another dangerous health issue is insomnia. If you are unable to sleep then see the doctor immediately as sleep deprivation will ruin your overall health. Your immunity goes for a toss.

These are the symptoms that women should not ignore.


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