Suzuki Connect Review: Taking the Connected Technology to Masses


Any change in the Indian automobile industry can’t actually take place until Maruti Suzuki contributes to the cause. Reason being, Maruti Suzuki is the largest car manufacturer in India with over 50% market share, giving it a leverage in the domestic market like none other. The Indian automobile industry is currently going through a sea change in policies with an underlying focus on safety and environment.

Maruti Suzuki utilizes their market cap in a very positive manner and is at the forefront of many technological and safety initiatives that take place, at least in the mass market. One such technological change India is witnessing is connected cars via Telematics solutions. Realizing its potential, Maruti Suzuki introduced the ‘Suzuki Connect’ Telematics system last year, starting with the Nexa range of cars including Baleno, Ciaz, S-Cross and Ignis.

We recently drove the Nexa Ciaz with the Suzuki Connect to understand what connectivity solutions are being offered by the Suzuki connect?

We got a Maruti Suzuki Ciaz installed with Suzuki Connect. (Image: Screenshot) We got a Maruti Suzuki Ciaz installed with Suzuki Connect. (Image: Suzuki Connect Screenshot)

How to use Suzuki Connect?  

The Suzuki Connect telematics system is launched initially for the Nexa customers only at Rs 9999 with a three-year subscription. Suzuki Connect is available to customers as an option which can be installed in their cars across Nexa network in the country. Once installed, one can download the Nexa app available both for iOS and Android and connect with the smartphone. The customers then get an access to features like emergency alerts, vehicle tracking, driving behaviour analysis, car assistance, driving analytics, live vehicle status along with preventive maintenance calls and more.

More secure than other OBD devices

The good thing about the Suzuki Connect is the fact that unlike other OBD based telematics solutions, it is a TCU based solution which is better, safer and more user-friendly. What it essentially means is that the Suzuki Connect is ‘deeply embedded’ and is difficult to tamper with, providing greater security to customers. Maruti Suzuki’s system utilizes a Telematics Control Unit (TCU), which exchanges information through a cellular network with a centralised server connected to NEXA customer care, subject to applicable terms and conditions of the NEXA app.

The Suzuki Connect can be used for live tracking. (Image: Screenshot) The Suzuki Connect can be used for live tracking. (Image: Suzuki Connect Screenshot)

Why to use Suzuki Connect?

The Suzuki Connect offers a variety of solutions to the users and here’s a few of them, we feel are most important and unique-

Live Vehicle Tracking – This function helps you track your car’s location in real-time and is helpful to track your driver or kids.

Geo-Fence – While the live vehicle tracking is good, Geo Fence actually takes it a step further as it gives you the ability to stay updated on each and every step your car takes. In Geo Fence, you can set a virtual boundary for your car and you will receive an alert whenever your car crosses this designated boundary. Maruti Suzuki is offering a range of customization options and also 5 sets of boundaries can be updated, ensuring you don’t have to track the vehicle everytime and will get a notification only when a route is changed. Immensely useful for tracking kids and drivers.

Navigate to Car – How many times have you lost searching for your car in a parking lot? This feature allows you to locate your car and navigate to where it is parked.

Geofence alerts the owner everytime car leaves a designated territory. (Image: Screenshot) Geofence alerts the owner everytime car leaves a designated territory. (Image: Suzuki Connect Screenshot)

Tow-Away Alert – Another useful addition Suzuki Connect is the Tow Away Alert that senses if your car has moved from a parked position when the ignition is Off and sends you a notification.

Emergency Alert – In case there is a mishap and the airbags have deployed, this function allows your chosen contacts to be sent a notification immediately. The notification comes along with your precise location.

Preventive Functional Call – The Suzuki Connect analyzes malfunctions like – Fuel Filter Warning Light, Electric Power Steering Light, Engine Oil Pressure Light, Engine Coolant Temperature Light, Brake System Warning Light, Airbag Light and in case the system detects an issue, you get a call by the customer care offering technician support.

Driving Score – The Suzuki Connect analyzes your driving habits such as braking and acceleration and gives you a score out of 100 helping you to be a better driver.

Driving behaviour helps analyze the driving style of an individual. (Image: Screenshot) Driving behaviour helps analyze the driving style of an individual. (Image: Suzuki Connect Screenshot)

Final Word

Coming from Maruti Suzuki, the Suzuki Connect has the potential to reach a large number of cars, given the sheer number of vehicles they have on the road. This helps people trust this new Telematics technology better, giving them an additional support while driving. The Suzuki Connect is very easy to use and offers a variety of tools that only help you in case of an emergency, but also helps you become a better driver. It is also an incredible technology for the worried parents who want to keep their child safe everytime they take out the car.


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