Supreme Court refuses to hear plea on single board


NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court on Friday refused to entertain a PIL on ‘one nation-one board’ for students, saying it would not want to burden children with more books.

A bench headed by Justice D Y Chandrachud said, “Our children already have such heavy bags. Their backs are already breaking with this weight. Why do you want to put some extra weight on them?”

The court asked him to have some empathy for the children and not press for something which may add to their school bag weight. It further noted that the demands to have a common education board for the entire country and a uniform syllabus are matters of policy.

“Everything asked by you is a matter of policy. How can we say merge all boards? Have a particular kind of syllabus? We cannot be saying all this. It is not for a court to say all this,” the bench told Upadhyay.
When Upadhyay pointed out that different boards teach completely different syllabus, the judge observed, “Different syllabus can be because we need to promote diversity in the country.

Let them (children) learn as much as they can.”Upadhyay then emphasised that issues being raised by him are important. Justice Chandrachud said, “Important but not justiciable. There are one thousand and one issues which could be important but not everything is justiciable.”


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