‘Stockholm’ trailer released


The term ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ is used when a hostage develops a bond with his/her captor and many might not know that this term came into existence after a bank heist in Sweden in 1973.

The film Stockholm, starring Ethan Hawke, is based on the event. The trailer of the film is out and it looks quite interesting. The trailer begins with Ethan threatening a bank employee as he instructs her on what she is supposed to say to the negotiators. As she hangs up, he asks her how they reacted, and this is where we get to see his inexperience.

Watch the trailer of Stockholm here:


As the trailer moves forward, we see Ethan Hawke’s character making demands but we also see how his hostages have developed a bond with him. Unlike other heist films, this one has a light side to it as the captor does not intend to harm the people inside the bank and they, too, feel safe with him.

Noomi Rapace plays a hostage and her character trusts her captor more than she trusts the police. Mark Strong also plays one of the hostages.

The real-life events are described as ‘absurd’ in this trailer.


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