Second case of coronavirus confirmed in Kerala


The second case of coronavirus has been confirmed in Kerala, according to the Health Ministry. This comes after a girl tested positive for the virus earlier this week.
“Second positive case of Novel Coronavirus patient has been reported in Kerala. The patient has a travel history from China. The patient has tested positive for Novel Coronavirus and is in isolation in the hospital. The patient is stable and is being closely monitored,” the Ministry statement said.

Meanwhile the second Air India flight from Wuhan has landed in Delhi with 323 Indian citizens on board. Seven Maldives citizens were also evacuated.

“The 2nd Air India Special flight from Wuhan departed at 0540 hours local time, i.e. 0310 Indian time. The flying time is 6 hours. Expected to land in Delhi by 0920 hours Indian time,” said an official.
Precautionary measures in place
According to Kerala Health Minister K.K. Shailaja the student who has been kept in isolation at the Government Medical College, Alappuzha, following his/her return from Wuhan in China is likely to have contracted the Novel Coronavirus,

She added that all the precautionary measures are in place and the State is quite equipped to handle the situation. “The patient is stable now and at present there is no need to panic.” The student landed in Kerala on January 24.

They are students from Wuhan and all the persons who came into direct contact with them are under direct observation of the Health Department.


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