Rs 8 crore for 10 devices: How much Israeli company charges for ‘WhatsApp spying’


A highly sophisticated spying tool called Pegasus hijacked smartphones of important people worldwide through a flaw in WhatsApp. The Pegasus spyware is created by Israel-based surveillance tech company NSO Group, also known as Q Cyber Technologies. The attackers who wanted to spy on their targets using the Pegasus tool were successful in doing so by simply giving ‘missed calls’ on WhatsApp. A couple of rings on WhatsApp calls from unknown numbers were all that was required for attackers to install the Pegasus agent in victim’s phone to spy on them. WhatsApp voice calls were launched in 2014 and video calls in 2016. WhatsApp first talked about this vulnerability in its calling feature in May 2019 and fixed it quickly. Almost five months later in October, WhatsApp has filed a lawsuit against NSO Group– the creator of Pegasus– for exploiting the vulnerability. Here is everything you need to know about Pegasus.


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