Reid takes charge of National camp


Pleased with the talent on view

Graham Reid, who has newly been appointed chief coach of the Indian men’s hockey team, has taken charge of the National camp at the SAI here.

“I am settling into my apartment in SAI and the turf here is world class. I addressed the players when I arrived and expressed my expectations as one unit, one team and that we always need to put the team first. We also spoke about the importance of trust and communication and to make sure it is both ways,” said the Australian.

Reid’s first major assignment will be the FIH Men’s Series Finals, to be played in Bhubaneswar in June, where India will compete against Japan, Mexico, Poland, Russia, South Africa, USA and Uzbekistan.

Exposure tour

As preparation for this event, the team will go on an exposure tour to Perth from May 6 to 18, to play a four-match series against the Australian National team.

Reid was pleased with the talent on view during the trials, meant to whittle down the 60 campers to a core group of 33.

“Being part of the national trials gives me a good sense of the talent that is available at the moment and it makes me feel very positive about the future,” he said.


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