Reasons Why You Should Add Butter To Coffee


These days a visit to a cafe’ day in the city will surprise you! Along with the simple cup of cappuccino, the menu will provide you with more things that will shock you out of wits.Stirring grass fed butter into your morning coffee is something every health expert is advising you to try. It is said that when butter is added to coffee or hot cup of chai, it adds to it handful of health benefits.If you have the tendency of skipping breakfast, simply opt for this type of coffee or tea. It not only adds a salty touch to your cup of coffee, it also makes your drink creamier and tasty, a feeling out of this world.Here are some reasons why you should add butter to coffee.

1.Boost Energy: When you add butter to your cup of coffee it will boost your energy since the drink produces ketones. These ketones are created when your body creates energy from fat rather than carbohydrates. It is much more healthier form of energy.

2.Aids In Weight Loss: Do you want to lose weight fast and in the most healthy way? Well, then try out this simple home remedy of adding butter to coffee. Grass fed butter is healthier and is said to contain properties which will help to burn fat.

3.Helps To Reduce Heart Diseases: Since the butter is itself healthy aiding in weight loss and providing one energy, it turns helps to keep the heart healthy. The butter when added to the coffee also contains vitamin K which prevents heart diseases.

4.Helps In Constipation: Constipated??? Well, here is one remedy you can try for relief. Butter in coffee is good for you as the chemicals present in the mixture will aid in proper digestion thus leaving you without any constipation problems.

5.Good For The Brain: One of the health benefits of adding butter to the coffee is that it helps in cognitive function. It provides healthy fats for your brain and body to create cell membranes and hormones which in turn is healthy for you.

6.Reduces Food Craving: This specific butter is so powerful when added to coffee that it has the ability to cut down food cravings, not making you hungry for hours after consumption of one cup of coffee.

7.Recipe For Butter Coffee Or Bulletproof Coffee: Boil one cup of water. Add one tablespoon of coffee powder and allow it to boil. Now add one tablespoon of grass fed butter. Add the mixture to the blender and whisk for 1 minute

These are the reasons why you should add butter to coffee.


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