Reasons Why Wearing Flip Flops Can Affect Your Health


A lot of experts have been warning about wearing flip flops often on a daily basis. This simple footwear looks charming and comes in different colours. But this footwear does not provide any support for your body whatsoever. As the weather warms up, it’s hard to resist the biggest relief of summer which are flip flops.However, these flip flops are known to expose your feet to bacteria, viral and fungal infections. These flip flops also slow you down and people wearing these take smaller steps than people who don’t. The short strides that you take wearing flip flops also increases the risk of you tripping often. They are also known to destroy your heels. This is because, your feet hit the ground with a greater force, as there is only a thin piece of foam separating your feet from the ground.It can also cause terrible blisters and sometimes flip flops can also permanently damage your toes.Here are some reasons why wearing flip flops can affect your health.

1.Wears Out The Joints And Body Muscles: It starts with minor foot and ankle ache, but wearing it for an entire day can wreak havoc on your health. It can cause heel ache, shin splits and tendonitis.

2.Higher Risk Of Tripping: The strap on the flip flop gives you zero stability. This means there is a higher risk of you tripping than using any other footwear.

3.A Damaging Habit: Using flip flops will slower your strides and make you take smaller steps. This is a very bad habit, as it can hammer up and lead to hip and knee aches.

4.It Can Cause Blisters: This can cause blisters between your toes. This can form into sores and cuts that create an environment for various bacteria from open air to breed in.

5.Pressure On Your Posture: These do not provide any support for your spine and hence it affects the overall body posture and bone structure. This is why wearing flat shoes regularly can cause back pain. This will let you know what is wrong with wearing flip flops every day.

6.Discover What’s Best For Your Feet: Try wearing closed toe shoes, as these provide support for your back. They also protect you from tripping and prevent the dirt present on the ground from entering into the nails of your toes or into open wounds on the toes.

These are the reasons why wearing flip flops can affect your health.


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