Reasons Why Eggs Should Not Be Kept In The Fridge


It has been a habit over the years to store chicken eggs in the refrigerator. This movement first started in the US and then moved on to many countries, including India. If you take a look at any refrigerator, you will notice a separate area only for storing eggs.Well today, scientists claim to say storing chicken eggs in the fridge is not healthy and the reasons for this new study will shock you out of your wits. It is common knowledge that the main reason why most of us store the eggs in the fridge is to help reduce salmonella risk.Alongside this, storing the eggs under cold temperatures will also help to decrease the food poisoning and hence improve the taste of the egg as well. Here are some of the other reasons why it is not necessary to store eggs in the fridge.Here are some reasons why you should not keep eggs in the fridge.

1.Room Temperature Eggs Are Good For Baking: For those who love to bake, using temperature stored eggs are simply the best when compared to refrigerated ones. The reason is because cold egg whites don’t whip as well as the room temperature ones, thus resulting in a dense cake.

2.Doesn’t Rot: It is recently noted that room temperature eggs don’t rot fast when compared to the ones stored in cold degrees. Eggs seem to curdle up when removed to use from extreme low temperatures, which is why it is best for you to avoid storing eggs in the fridge.

3.Bacteria On The Shell: According to European egg marketing regulations, they state that storing eggs in cold storage and then leaving them out at room temperature could lead to condensation, which could promote the growth of bacteria on the shell that could probably get into the egg as well which is therefore unhealthy to consume.

4.If The Egg Contains The Cuticle: If the eggs are very fresh, and If their cuticle is intact, you do not have to refrigerate them.

5.The Infected Ones (EXCEPTIONAL): You should know that if an egg is infected with salmonella and if stored in room temperature the entire box of eggs will get infected with the bacteria. Therefore, in situations like these it is better to refrigerate the eggs in order to kill the bacteria.

The bottom line whether to store eggs in the fridge or not lies here- The shelf life for an unrefrigerated egg is 7 to 10 days and for refrigerated, the lifespan is 30 to 45 days. So, make sure you consume the egg on the day it is packed or the next day.


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