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Rajasthan crisis: BTP asks MLAs to be neutral, neither support Gehlot nor Pilot

JAIPUR: The Bhartiya Tribal Party (BTP), which has two MLAs in the Rajasthan assembly, has asked its legislators to remain neutral and not align either with Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot or his deputy Sachin Pilot.

The development comes hours after a Congress legislature party meeting, where Congress MLAs expressed support for Gehlot and only indirectly referred to Pilot, whose rebellion threatens his government.

The BTP has also asked its MLAs neither to align with the Congress nor the BJP during the ongoing political crisis in the state.

The Gehlot camp has considered BTP MLAs as supporters of the government.

One of the BTP’s MLAs has maintained that the support to the government will continue.

BTP president Maheshbhai Vasava issued a whip to both the MLAs directing them not to vote for the Congress or the BJP or in support of Gehlot or Pilot in case a floor test is held in the assembly.

Disciplinary action will be taken if the MLAs ignore the whip, BTP state in-charge Rameshbhai Vasava said.

“It is for the party and not for the MLAs to decide whom to vote and support,” he said.

Both the MLAs were present in the Congress legislature party meeting held at chief minister’s residence.

“Our support to the government continues,” BTP MLA Ramprasad said.

The BTP MLAs were also present in the hotel to where Congress MLAs left for after the legislature party meeting.

Meanwhile, the CPI (M) said, “Democracy, Constitution and secularism are being attacked ever since BJP has formed the government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi”.

“They toppled elected governments in states like Madhya Pradesh and misusing CBI, ED, Income tax department has become a routine for BJP,” CPI (M) leader Amra Ram said.

While Congress leaders consider CPI (M) MLAs also as their supporters, a leader of the Left party said that the decision to support the Gehlot government, if required, will be taken and declared later.

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