Rahul Gandhi uses GDP data to lambast Narendra Modi


Prime Minister made false promises, says Congress president.

Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Saturday targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi over slow growth in the third quarter of this fiscal and said the “chowkidaar” (watchman) has failed again.

“False promises, false games. The chowkidaar has failed again in this quarter’s numbers,” he tweeted, tagging a news report that India’s growth declined to 6.6% in the quarter ending December 2018.

‘Claims punctured’

Mr. Gandhi’s comment came after former Finance Minister P. Chidambaram had said that the latest figures “punctured” the Modi government’s claims on economic growth.

“Quarterly growth rates of 2018-19 puncture the claims of government. Q1 was 8%, Q2 was 7% and Q3 was 6.6 %. This is the swan song of the BJP government. If Q4 growth rate declines further, as is expected, that will expose the government completely,” Mr. Chidambaram had tweeted on Thursday. A day later, the Congress said that despite “data fudging” by the Modi government, India’s economy continued to slide.

“As PM Modi’s disastrous tenure comes to an end, despite all the fudging, the economy continues to slow. Less than two months to go before India sees a new dawn,” said the official Twitter handle of the Congress.

On Thursday, the government released GDP growth data that pointed towards a slowing down of the economy as the October-December quarter grew only 6.6% because of lower farm and manufacturing growth and weak consumer demand.


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