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Property data now in e-governance mode

Kollam Corporation launches Intelligent Property Management System for the purpose

The Kollam Corporation has launched an Intelligent Property Management System (IPMS) to regulate the recording and tax fixing of property with the Integrated Management System (IMS), the e-governance facility that enables all systems and processes of an organisation to function as a unit with unified objectives.

These systems for office e-governance and GIS mapping have been developed by Uralungal Technology Solutions (ULTS), a subsidiary of the Uralungal Labour Contract Cooperative Society (ULCCS).

The IPMS uses the latest technologies like drone, DGPS (Differential GPS), laser tape, and specially designed applications to collect all demographics and property ownership data. Details of all waterbodies, bridges, drainages, buildings, and roads with photographs are collected, analysed and stored in the IPMS in a user-friendly mode.

The data determining the tax fixation of the property, the property owner, the number of rooms, overall area, and other data within the city limits are obtained by the GPS facility. The system will record the correct demarcation between wards, panchayats and Corporation along with the spatial information of fallow lands. Statistics on paddy land, wetland, rivers, ponds, lakes and other waterbodies will be obtained using various technologies.

Basic data

Another advantage of the system is that it will collect all basic data of the residents of the Corporation.

Basic health records, educational-professional details, pension details, and ration card information will be systematically stored.

Data on wells, water availability, waste management, and rainwater harvesting of each building and the details of domestic animals also will be saved using the IPMS.

The IMS provides full infrastructural and network support for the zonal offices of the Corporation to conduct videoconferences directly with the Mayor’s office. Another utility provided is ‘information kiosk’, which enables the public to clear their queries, track applications, and search information in the touch screen machine installed in front of the office.

No queues

This will help prevent long queues and excessive crowd in front of counters. And using the token system, that is part of the IMS, people can access their counters based on the token number displayed on the digital screen. Various information will also be displayed on the digital screen instead of on notice boards.

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