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PM Modi’s address on coronavirus: Every Indian should ensure janata curfew on March 22

PM Modi’s address on coronavirus full speech: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation at 8 pm about steps being taken against coronavirus to stem its spread. PM Modi, who has held several review meetings since last month, has stressed on actively engaging with individuals, local communities and organisations to check COVID-19.

Placing his assurance in Indians, Modi appealed to people to give him and his government “couple of weeks” to combat the spread of the virus. “We can only defeat this pandemic with patience and determination. The Indian government is tracking the Covid-19 outbreak very closely,” he says.

PM Modi has also expressed his gratitude to all those at the forefront of combating the virus, including state governments, the medical fraternity, paramedical staff, armed and paramilitary forces, and aviation and municipal staff.

On the spread of the pandemic, Modi said, “The world is passing through a huge crisis, more countries affected than World War 1 and 2. In times of war, there used to be blackout at nights and major surveillance in several places. Hence, today, I want to ask every Indian to ensure janata curfew— which means people must restrict themselves to a curfew. On March 22, every Indian should ensure that they restrict themselves to their homes from 7 am to 9 pm, stay away from the streets, and not gather in large groups. People involved in essential services like doctors, healthcare workers are the only exception to this. I urge state governments that they cooperate with the Centre to make sure this is effective. Since the past two months, lakhs of people have been regularly at service in hospitals, airports, police stations, media, restaurant delivery people without caring about themselves.”

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