Now, movable cameras to detect waste dumpers


Each of the cameras costs ₹1.4 lakh

The city Corporation has equipped itself with movable cameras to take by surprise those who use the cover of night to dump waste in public places. The health wing of the local body struck upon the idea of movable cameras after it found that the waste dumpers often changed locations once they realised there is a surveillance camera.

“The fixed surveillance cameras were a failure. Till date, we have hardly caught anyone with visuals from those cameras. Because, the waste dumpers come to know about the location of the camera as soon as we place one and they shift the dumping to another location,” said a health wing official.

Most of the old cameras are defunct now, with the city Corporation not even having control over half of them, which are under the Police Department. As compared to the fixed cameras, the new movable cameras can be placed temporarily in places where waste dumping often happens. As the cameras are placed at random places everyday, waste dumpers will be wary of being caught on camera.

“The camera is the type that is usually used in forests, which gets activated only when there is some kind of movement. It has adequate internal memory, battery backup and night vision.

It can be easily attached to electric posts or trees, and can shoot videos and still images for up to a distance of 50 metres clearly. As it does not emit any light or sensor rays, it cannot be easily detected,” said an official. Each of the cameras cost ₹1,40,000. One each has been distributed to each of the health circles. More will be bought in the future, based on the effectiveness.

City Corporation Mayor V.K.Prashant handed over the cameras to the health inspectors of the various circles.


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