Nirbhaya convict Vinay Sharma again tries to harm himself inside Tihar cell


NEW DELHI: Nirbhaya gang rape and murder convict, Vinay Sharma, tried to injure himself by swallowing staple pins inside his cell on Thursday. Jail officials managed to stop him and got him treated at the jail hospital thereafter.

On Friday, the jail authorities also served a notice to the family members of Vinay and Akshay for their last meeting with the convicts.

Tihar sources say that Mukesh and Pawan already had their “last meeting” with their families on January 31, ahead of the earlier date of execution. “We have asked Akshay and Vinay to indicate their date of last meeting. Apart from this, the regular mulaqat of twice a week is continuing for all of them,” said a senior jail official.

According to the jail officials, Vinay’s behaviour had turned violent ever since the date of execution was announced.

Jail authorities told TOI that since the time Vinay has been in prison, his health and mental condition, however, has been stable.

“The convicts are on round-the-clock surveillance and officials are also keeping an eye through the CCTV cameras,” said an official.


Jail sources said that all four of them are consuming food, although in reduced quantities. Drastic change has been seen in Vinay’s behaviour ever since the new date of execution was given by the court.


During the last meeting, three or more members of the family get a chance to meet the convict and hold them.



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