National weightlifting championships: Gritty Mirabai shows her class


Bounces back from two failed attempts in the snatch to win

Star lifter S. Mirabai Chanu fought back after two failed attempts in snatch to take the women’s 49kg crown on the opening day of the National weightlifting championships here on Friday.

Mirabai lifted a total of 194kg to beat Deepika by 14kg.

Going for 83kg in snatch, Mirabai lost balance and landed on her hips in her first attempt. She was dismayed when the barbell fell backwards on her second try. However, the champion lifter beat the nervousness by tasting success on her third and final effort.

In clean and jerk, the 24-year-old, achieved her initial target of 107kg and then followed it up with 111kg.

The results:

Men: 55kg: 1. C.H. Rishikanta Singh (Mani) snatch 105kg, clean and jerk 134kg, total 239kg; 2. Shubham Todkar (Mah) 103kg, 134kg, 237kg; 3. Hirendra Sarang (Chg) 100kg, 136kg, 236kg.

Women: 45kg: 1. Riya Sen (Del) 67kg, 87kg, 154; 2. Dipali Gursale (Mah) 70kg, 83kg, 153kg, 3. Thushmita M.V. (Kar) 62kg, 88kg, 150kg.

49kg: 1. S. Mirabai Chanu (RSPB) 83kg, 111kg, 194kg; 2. Deepika (Har) 78kg, 102kg, 180kg; 3. S. Bindyarani Devi (Mani) 72kg, 100kg, 172kg.


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