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Minecraft Classic Released as Free Browser Game to Celebrate 10-Year Anniversary

Minecraft – the block-driven world building game which is loved as well as hated to an equal measure – is celebrating the first decade of its existence. To mark the game’s 10-year anniversary, Minecraft-developer Mojang has released Minecraft Classic as a browser game which can now be played for free. Minecraft Classic is essentially a replica of how the game looked when it was released back in 2009. While those hit by nostalgia will certainly enjoy the sandbox game’s reincarnation as a free browser game, there are a few who will also be frustrated by the choppy graphics and bugs.

In an official post, the developer behind the game has revealed that Minecraft Classic will give players the raw taste of Minecraft’s original form, giving them just 32 blocks to embark on their world-building quest. What this means is players won’t get access to any of the fancy items that were added to the game via updates over the subsequent years. The studio has warned that even the bugs associated with the game’s original avatar are intact in Minecraft Classic, which means if you want to kill some time with the browser game, be ready.

Now that the warnings have been dished out, you can head over to this page and indulge in a nostalgia-filled Minecraft session. You can also invite nine other people to join you. But there is some bad news for players who plan on enjoying the browser-based version of Minecraft for a long time. As per GamesRadar, players can’t save their game progress, which means they can either let their prized creations vanish as soon as they close the tab, or keep the browser open for an indefinite time.`

Minecraft has been having a rough ride lately. Back in March, references pertaining to the game’s creator Markus ‘Notch’ Persson were removed from Minecraft after an update. A month later, Persson was excluded from participating in the game’s 10-year anniversary celebrations. On the brighter side, Minecraft might soon be ported to smartphones as an AR mobile game, something Microsoft teased at the Build 2019 developer conference.

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