Maradu: movement of flat debris may be hit


The private agency entrusted with the removal of about 76,000 tonnes of debris that emerged following the demolition of four apartment buildings at Maradu has sought the permission of the State Pollution Control Board to set up a Construction and Demolition Waste processing plant.

The representatives of the agency made a presentation before Ajit Haridas, Chairman of the board, in Thiruvananthapuram on Monday. They elaborated on the steps being planned to process the construction and demolition waste. Even though there was lack of clarity on the site chosen for setting up the plant, board sources hinted that they had plans to set up the facility at Kumbalam.

“Let them first submit the application for establishing the construction and demolition waste management plant,” they said when pointed out that the Kumbalam panchayat had refused to grant permission for shifting the debris to any site under the local body’s jurisdiction fearing that it might create problems for residents. Seetha Chakrapani, chairperson of Kumbalam panchayat, said the local body was yet to receive any official request from the agency. “Kumbalam is a small panchayat by size and lacked the space for processing such waste,” she said.

The contractors seem to have informed the board authorities that they might transport a certain percentage of the demolition waste to a crusher facility. Board officials pointed out that the agency would have to submit the details of the crusher and its location before proceeding with the shifting of the debris.

Clear plan needed

“Moreover, they should also give us a clear plan on the site proposed for setting up the Construction and Demolition Waste processing plant. The survey number of the plot and other geographical details need to be presented as part of submitting the application for establishment and operation of the proposed facility. The agency should also ensure that the plant will not be set up in a wetland or a property in which any type of construction cannot be permitted in view of the coastal regulation or other norms under the Environment Act,” they said. As per the Construction and Demolition Waste Management Rules, 2016, the operator of the plant should obtain authorisation from the State Pollution Control Board to run the facility. The processing or recycling site must be away from habitation clusters, forest areas, waterbodies, monuments, national parks, wetlands and places of important cultural, historical or religious interest.

The plants having a capacity exceeding five tonnes per day have to maintain a buffer zone of no development around the facility. The operator should check indiscriminate disposal and ensure scientific conversion of the construction and demolition waste into useful raw material for buildings and construction.


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