Maradu apartments to be pulled down on January 11, 12


Alfa Serene and Holy Faith H2O will be the first two to bite the dust on January 11 followed by Golden Kayaloram and Jain Coral Cove the day after.

The four apartment complexes at Maradu built in violation of the Coastal Zone Regulation norms will be razed to ground two months from now.

Chief Secretary Tom Jose said that the demolition job will be carried out out on January 11 and 12 with two apartment complexes each to be pulled down on each day.

He was addressing the media after a meeting held here with all stakeholders to take stock of the situation on Monday.

Alfa Serene and Holy Faith H2O will be the first two to bite the dust on January 11 followed by Golden Kayaloram and Jain Coral Cove the day after. In its affidavit filed before the apex court, the State government had given a time frame of October 9 to January 9 for completing the entire demolition process. The dates have now been pushed further, which according to the chief secretary, was to address some technical issues involved.

Residents within 200-metre radius of all four apartment complexes will be temporarily shifted to a safe and secured place for a few hours on the day of demolition.

“Though 50 metres from apartments are considered the high risk area, we will shift people within a radius of 200 metres. Though the companies entrusted with the demolition claim to be able to raze down a building in a matter of about 10 minutes we are looking at a window of about four hours for arranging the logistics and the evacuation of people,” said Fort Kochi Sub Collector Snehil Kumar Singh, who has been roped in exclusively for overseeing the demolition process.

The district collector said the administration, in coordination with the Maradu municipality, will find out places for the safe accommodation of families for the few hours when they will have to be evacuated for the demolition.

Mr. Singh said that the agency for the movement of debris generated by the demolition will be finalised in a fortnight from among the ten parties who have submitted the expression of interest.

T.H. Nadeera, the Maradu municipal chairperson, said that the sub collector has assured that the protection of the people in the locality will be taken care of and the ward councillors concerned will be taken into confidence before the demolition process begins. She also called for the video documentation of the houses in the nearby areas before and after the demolition.

Vijay Sakhare, Inspector General of Police and District Police Chief (Kochi City), said that a detailed plan has been drawn up for safety and security in connection with the demolition and that it will be constantly finetuned. “Safety of people and houses, safe keeping of explosives used for demolition, evacuation, crowd control, traffic management and ensuring a good view of the demolition job for the onlookers without hindering the process have all been factored in,” he said.


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