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Left slams BJP on Ayodhya dispute

Says party subverting judicial process

The calls for bringing in an ordinance or enacting a law to clear way for the construction of the Ram temple at the disputed site in Ayodhya and other statements made by BJP Ministers and leaders is an effort to subvert the judicial process, the Communist Party of India (Marxist) Polit Bureau said in a statement here.

The party said that the BJP and the RSS are trying to recreate a 1992-kind of situation that led to the demolition of the Babri Masjid. The 1994 Supreme Court verdict had described the Babri Masjid demolition as a “national shame”. and stated that, “What was demolished was not merely an ancient structure but the faith of the minorities in the sense of justice and fair play of (the) majority. It shook their faith in the rule of law and constitutional processes”.

The BJP had been maintaining that it shall abide by the apex court judgment. “Led by the RSS, strident demands are being raised for the enactment of a new law for temple construction. This is tantamount to subversion of the judicial process. This is unconstitutional, hence, illegal,” the CPI (M) said.

The ultimate aim is to consolidate the Hindutva communal vote bank in the run up to the elections. It is also an effort to divert the voter’s attention from the “all-round” failure of the Modi government, the Left party said.

The CPI (M) demanded that the Union government stop “patronising such forces who are out to destroy the unity of our country’s social fabric” and the BJP State government in Uttar Pradesh should ensure that law and order is maintained.

CPI leader D. Raja too agreed with the CPI(M) position. “The Supreme Court is yet to settle the title suit regarding the Ram temple. In the meantime, BJP, RSS, VHP and other Hindutva forces are making intimidating statements to influence and pre-empt the apex court’s verdict,” Mr. Raja said.

He said that the very demand for a law to build the temple at the disputed site is unconstitutional. “The Constitution defines India as a secular, democratic republic and not a theocratic state. Passing such a legislation would mean that the Indian state turned into a Hindu Rashtra. This ultimately is an attack on the Constitution,” he added.

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