Know These Reasons To Eat Manganese Rich Foods


Manganese is an essential nutrient which is required for the body to function properly. Our body requires small amount of manganese everyday. Manganese deficiency results in poor eyesight, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, memory loss and tremors. It is necessary to eat foods which contributes to the daily requirement of magnesium to the body.Some important source of manganese are pineapple, grapes, beetroot, garlic, lettuce, spinach, oats, cloves,bananas, cucumber and carrots. There are a plethora of benefits of including manganese rich foods in diet. It assists in metabolic activity, prevents osteoporosis, regulates blood sugar levels, heals wounds faster. Boldsky has listed out few more reasons to include manganese rich food in your diet.Here are some reasons to eat manganese rich foods.

1.Bone health: Manganese is an essential mineral which has proven to add more bone density. It is one prime element required to prevent osteoporosis. The deficiency of manganese results in abnormal skeletal development.

2.Alleviates Pms Syndrome : Many women suffer from Pms every month. Manganese helps to alleviate the mood swings, head ache and depression. Studies have shown that low level manganese is associated with pms syndrome. Thus, manganese is recommended for the women who suffer from pms syndrome.

3.Heals wound: Collagen plays a vital role in the healing process. Manganese is required for the activation of collagen formation. Thus manganese also assists in healing the wound.

4.Controls epilepsy : Deficiency of manganese can trigger epileptic seizures. Including manganese rich foods avoids the risk of epilepsy.

5.Controls Blood Sugar Level: Manganese has the efficiency to control the blood sugar levels and prevents diabetes. Manganese normalizes the insulin secretion.

These are the reasons why you should eat manganese rich foods.


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