Know These Foods For Eight Parts Of Your Body


Do you eat when your hungry or do you eat at every little chance you get? Well, it is said that most people today follow the latter.According to a recent research, more than 90 percent of people are consuming the wrong type of foods which in turn is harmful to the body.It is not late to opt for a healthier lifestyle and with these simple food suggestions we have shared with you, I think your all set to start a healthy and better life. It is important to feed your body with the foods that is good for the functioning of your system. For example: consuming red foods are good for the heart and the blood, green foods for the eyes and so forth.Here are some foods for wight parts of your body.

1.Brain: Walnut, sardines, salmon and tuna are some of the best foods you can feed your brain with. They will help in good circulation as well as improve in your concentration.

2.Muscle: Bananas, red meat, eggs and fish are four options to get those muscles in shape. These foods have a high content of calcium which promoted bone health.

3.Lungs: The best type of food for your lungs is anything green. Veggies like broccoli, sprouts, cabbage are some of the vitamin K foods you should feed your body with twice in a week.

4.Skin: Pamper your skin with foods that are rich in antioxidants. Blueberries, salmon and green tea help to clear your complexion and flush toxins from your body thus helping you to look stunning.

5.Eyes: Experts have always stated that carrots is the best food for your eyes. Along with the orange veggie add eggs and corn which are rich in a lot of nutrients to treat and look after your eyes with care.

6.Heart: Protect your heart with foods. It is important to add red fruits to your daily diet as they help pump good blood to your heart, side by side protecting this organ from diseases. Add prune juice, tomatoes and potatoes to your diet.

7.Bowels: Foods that are rich in dietary fibre are the best for regular bowel movement. Add bananas, oats, prune juice to your daily diet. You can also add yoghurt to your diet to help protect you from urinary infections.

8.Bones: Milk, celery and vitamin C fruits like oranges are best for your bones.They help protect your bones, especially in children.

These are the foods for eight parts of your body.


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