Know These Eating Habits To Live Longer


Counting your calories or trying new diets isn’t going to help especially when it comes to increasing your lifespan.There are some eating habits to help live longer. They are quite simple. You don’t need to run to any diet guru or buy any diet program. Eating healthy to live longer is plain and simple. It is more about choosing the right foods and keeping it natural. Removing processed foods from your platter surely helps.Here are some eating habits to live longer.

1.Try to eat a diet that consists of 95% plant based foods. If you wish to eat grains, choose whole grains. Consume lots of vegetables and leafy greens. A study says that those who eat cooked leafy greens tend to live longer than those who don’t.

2.If wheat is consumed, ensure that it is whole wheat. Carefully choose your wheat products.

3.Try to consume fish on a daily basis if possible. A study conducted on ten thousand people claims that those who ate fish along with plant based foods survived longer.

4.Restrict your meat intake to once or twice a week. Eating more than that, isn’t so good in the long run.

5.Drink enough water to lubricate your system. This is more important than choosing your foods.

6.Consume green tea occasionally which is said to prevent many health issues.

7.Cut your sugar consumption by almost 5 times. If you have cravings for sweets, enjoy them only once in a week.

8.Consume coffee but in limited quantities. It has its own health benefits and risks too.

9.If you love eggs, you can eat 3-4 eggs; not per day but per week. Consuming more than that isn’t dangerous but moderation surely helps.

10.Eat a few nuts every day. Though it may surprise you, nuts play an important role in your longevity.

11.Eating cooked beans in small portions on a daily basis may also help. They contain carbs, protein, minerals, vitamins, fat and fibre too.

12.Reduce your dairy intake. If you wish to get Calcium, there are other sources like kale. Your digestive system won’t feel comfortable if you consume large quantities of dairy.

These are the eating habits to follow to live longer.


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