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Know These Basic Steps To Prevent The Occurrence Of Cavities

One of the main reasons for cavities to take place is that we consume foods that are full of carbohydrates (sugar and starches) which are often left in our mouth.The bacteria in the mouth react with these left-over food particles and cause further acid production. Due to this, the coating on the teeth also gets destroyed and this in turn leads into the formation of cavities.If several kinds of bacteria cause acids to be produced, it quickly damages the tooth enamel and cavities will start to form. Apart from this, dentin which is the basic layer, also gets damaged. It is also often believed that if a tooth starts to decay, removing it will be more difficult.Here are some basic steps to prevent the occurence of cavities.

1.Avoid Sugar: Having healthy teeth without cavities means giving up on sugary foods and candies that are high in sugar content. You must make sure to avoid these at any cost.

2.Eat Healthy Foods: The best foods that you can consume are vegetables, coconut oil and avocado. Consuming these kinds of foods will help you fight cavities better. This is one of the top steps to prevent cavities.

3.Phytic Acid Should Be Removed: Phytic acid is found in seeds like nuts, edible seeds, beans/legumes and even in grains. Hence, consume these in moderation.

4.Change Your Regular Toothpaste To Mineralized Ones: Toothpaste that does not contain fluoride is what you need to opt for when selecting the best toothpaste.

How To Prepare Your Own Natural Toothpaste: Mix the below mentioned ingredients and your toothpaste is ready to use. 1 spoon of water (filtered) ½ spoon of coconut oil ¼th spoon of peppermint extract ¼th spoon of chlorophyll flavoured with mint ¼th spoon of baking soda 3 spoons of diatomaceous clay.

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