Kerala scales up control, prevention activities


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: With eight more positive cases of COVID-19, the prevention and control activities of the state Health Department are moving to its third stage. Anticipating a spike in suspected and confirmed cases, the department has decided to plan its preparedness activities accordingly.

According to sources, a three-pronged strategy of reducing morbidity and mortality, minimising disease transmission and protection of healthcare personnel will be adopted. “The situation warrants switching to restrictions similar to that of health emergency. The curbs on mass gatherings, public functions and others are part of that. It might not take much time to shift from local transmission to community transmission. Thus, heightened vigil is needed,” said a health official.

“If contact tracing becomes difficult then it could be stated that we are heading to sustained community transmission. At this level, there will be an increase in local cases. Thus, the third level of prevention activities is very essential,” said B Iqbal, health activist.


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