Kerala government makes facemask, social distancing mandatory for one year


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The state government has made facemask and social distancing mandatory for one year unless otherwise notified. These are among the additional regulations of Kerala Epidemic Diseases Ordinance, 2020 notified by the government.

Shunning masks in public places can cost an offender dearly in Kerala. For the first-time offender, the government has set a penalty of Rs 200. If repeated the fine will go upto Rs 5000. However, the government has very recently raised the penalty for repeated offenders to Rs 10000.

According to this, all persons should use facemask or face cover in all public places, workplaces, any place with public access and all kinds of vehicles. A physical distance of at least six feet between persons has to be maintained in public places and during functions. Participants of marriage functions should not exceed 50 at a time.  Organizers should provide a sanitizer.

For funerals, a maximum of 20 persons are allowed. Social gatherings like get together, protests and demonstrations need prior written sanction of authorities, with no more than 10 people allowed to take part.


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