Kerala cancels annual exams for students upto Class VII amid coronavirus cases


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: In the backdrop of new cases of COVID-19 being reported in the state, the Kerala government has advanced summer holidays for classes till VII. The government has also declared the cancellation of the annual examinations for classes till VII.

The announcement was made after the special cabinet meeting that was called on Tuesday. According to Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan who revealed the decisions made at the cabinet meeting, the decision applies to the Anganawadis too. However, though no classes will be conducted for Classes VIII and IX, the examinations for these students will be held as planned.

Also, it has been announced that no regular classes will be conducted in the colleges too. But all the university examinations will be held as scheduled. As for those students who have been quarantined or have been placed in observation as suspected corona cases, special provisions will be made to help them write examinations. The decision applies to CBSE and ICSE schools too.

The government has requested the people to cancel all public functions like festivals, communal prayer meets, other religious functions and all other functions that involve crowds.


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