‘Kanchana 3’ trailer is out


Choreographer-turned-director Raghava Lawrence is back with a new installment of his successful horror-comedy franchise, Muni/Kanchana. The trailer of Kanchana 3 is as loud and unapologetic as the previous movies in the series. Going by the trailer, Raghava, who has also written and directed the film, has only doubled down on the formula that has made him richer by many crores since Muni (2007).

Firstly, be warned that the trailer may leave you with a throbbing headache by the end of its run. And secondly, it is very difficult to make sense of what’s happening in it. There is a series of hyperbolized paranormal events that makes you feel more disgusted than scared.


The trademark premise of Muni/Kanchana series is a good-natured, wronged and bloodthirsty ghost possesses a good-natured, ghost-fearing simpleton. In the end, the ghost leaves the body of its host in a single piece when it gets its revenge. Raghava has played both the ghost and the host in earlier films. The thing about Raghava is it is highly difficult to tell the difference between his possessed and unpossessed acting. To naked eyes, it all looks the same. Even in the trailer, it is not easy to guess whether he had been possessed the entire time or it is just overacting. The word subtlety does not exist in Raghava’s dictionary.

Vedhika, Devadarshini, Sriman, Manobala and Kovai Sarala are the regulars of the franchise. The new addition to the cast will be Sathyaraj, Oviya, Soori, Kabir Duhan Singh and Yogi Babu among others.

Kanchana 3 is expected to open in cinemas in mid-April.


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