Jolly Joseph, prime accused in Koodathayi serial murder case, attempts suicide inside Kozhikode jail


Jolly Joseph, prime accused in the Koodathayi serial murder case, was admitted to Kozhikode Medical College Hospital after she attempted suicide in Kozhikode District Jail early on Thursday.

Medical College sources said she was brought to the hospital around 5.30 a.m. with a bleeding wound on her left wrist, that was reportedly caused by a sharp instrument.

A jail warden reported the incident at 5 a.m. According to jail authorities, no sharp objects, such as a blade, was found inside her cell. She caused the injury by biting her wrist, they claimed.

The Medical College authorities confirmed that the injury was not serious in nature. However, a minor vascular surgery would be required to fix the affected blood vessel, they said.

Following the incident, the police stepped up surveillance measures inside the jail. According to them, Jolly had shown suicidal tendencies earlier too during the course of investigation into the Koodathayi murder case. At the time of her police custody, she had been under close surveillance, they said.

Jolly was mentally disturbed after she was denied bail in all the six murder cases in which she was the prime accused. Even after the submission of charge sheets by the special investigation team in all the six cases, she had tried to secure bail, which was rejected by the court.


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