Jacqueline Fernandez reveals her style icon, diet, cheat meals and how she does those complex yoga poses


If you visit Jacqueline Fernandez’s Instagram account, apart from looking stunning in a range of stylish outfits, you shall notice the actor in various yogic contortions, sometimes upside down, doing a split or a breathtaking cross-legged yoga posture while supporting herself with a pole in mid-air.

Having seen various videos of her at events where she always seemed upbeat and chirpy, we were expecting Jacqueline in her usual avatar, and the yogini didn’t disappoint. Behind the happy go lucky and brimming with enthusiasm persona, Jacqueline is a toughie, and it’s not only due to her solid yoga routine. Browse through her Instagram posts, and every now and then you will come across a quote, like the one which says, “You’re going to be happy” said life. But first I’ll make you strong.”

And then there’s the private side to Jacqueline, which just like in most celebrities we don’t know about, but is hinted at in another post, “ I like the real you more than the Instagram you.”


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