Interesting Facts About Breakfast To Know


Some of us believe in consuming a heavy breakfast whereas some argue that a lighter meal is preferable. Well, as long as you don’t skip breakfast, something is better than nothing.Some people tend to skip breakfast thinking that it can help them lose weight. In fact, that plan is totally counterproductive as it doesn’t work out in the long run. If your body gets into a starvation mode, it may start storing all the food you consume in the form of fat. Therefore, never skip your morning meal. This is one of the breakfast facts.

1.A survey claims that nearly 31% of the people skip breakfast. This is a dangerous habit.

2.Another survey claims that more than 92% of the breakfast eaters prefer cooked meals. In fact salads, raw vegetables or green smoothies are better options.

3.At least 20% of the women secretly skip their breakfast to reach their weight loss goals.

4.Almost 39% of the breakfast eaters grab something in an eatery instead of eating at home.

5.What is the healthiest breakfast option? Health experts claim that a diet rich in protein and fibre is a must for breakfast. Consuming eggs and oat meal can be healthy.

6.At least 17% of the women give more preference to beauty and make up routine in the morning than to consume breakfast.

7.A study declares that those who consume breakfast tend to perform well in their daily activities.

These are the awesome facts about breakfast to know.


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