Health Benefits Of Black Tea That You Need To Know About


A cup of tea in the morning rejuvenates and makes you energetic, isn’t it? Black tea is a good start to kick-off your day. Health benefits of black tea are an added bonus. Black tea is fully oxidized and it comes with more flavour and caffeine than other regular drinks. Method of preparation of black tea is entirely different from other varieties of tea. The leaves are dried till the moisture in it is completely removed. After this, it is exposed and rolled through high temperature. Thus, it is oxidized fully and stored according to its amount. People who drink black tea every day can reap its unlimited health benefits. With lots of caffeine and theophylline that are stimulating substances, black tea helps to increase the heart rate.It is recommended to consume black tea in a moderate amount daily, as it helps you to stay healthy. To get effective health results, better drink black tea without adding milk or sugar.Here are some health benefits of black tea to know.

1.Prevents Cancer: You will be amazed to hear that black tea has some great nutrients which can prevent cancer. Antioxidants present in black tea keep lungs, prostrate, colorectal, bladder, oral and ovarian cancers at bay. Along with this, black tea also helps to prevent the formation and growth of malignant tumours.

2.Boosts Immunity: To boost your immune system, start drinking black tea instead of other counterparts. With a strong immune system, you can fight many diseases from the beginning itself. Tannins, a substance present in black tea, helps in fighting against viruses like influenza, cold and flu.

3.Better Brain And Nervous Function: Lower levels of caffeine in black tea aid in promoting blood flow to the brain, improve mental alertness and increase concentration. It also reduces stress. But you have to consume black tea every day at least for a month. In a recent study, it was found that taking black tea on a regular basis will prevent Parkinson’s disease.

4.For Weight Loss: One of the health benefits of black tea is that it helps in losing weight and in maintaining a healthy body. Most of the other teas, especially milk tea, increase your weight. If you like to take tea daily, go for black tea. Black tea will boost metabolic activity and help you lose weight.

5.Cardiovascular Benefits: For a better heart, consume black tea. The antioxidants present in black tea are very effective in preventing heart diseases and their complications. Risk of stroke can also be reduced by black tea.

6.For Strong Bones: Yes, black tea can make our bones stronger. Phytochemicals found in black tea give you stronger bones and they also prevent the attack of arthritis. So, now there is a good reason to take black tea daily.

7.For A Healthy Digestive System: Black tea is the best drink that can be consumed on a daily basis for healthy digestion. Black tea contains tannins that help to treat gastric and intestinal illnesses. This will also help in lowering intestinal inflammation.

8.For Stress Relief: After all, we drink tea ultimately for stress relief. Amino acid L-theanine present in black tea aids in relaxation. This will help boost up your mood and improve concentration along with calming your senses.

These are the health benefits of black tea to know.


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