Government trampling rights of pilgrims: Chennithala


The police had cruelly hosed down devotees sleeping at Sannidhanam, says the Congress leader

Opposition leader Ramesh Chennithala on Tuesday said that the Sabarimala issue was no more centred solely on a question — entry of women to the temple.

Speaking to reporters at Pathanamthitta, he said it was more about protecting the human rights of pilgrims.

The police had cruelly hosed down devotees sleeping at Sannidhanam. They denied them transport from the base camp at Nilackal to Pampa, which is 22 km uphill. The police actions at Sabarimala had drawn sharp criticism from the High Court.

Mr. Chennithala said that the government’s imposition of prohibitory orders at a place of worship like Sabarimala was “absurd”, adding that the Left Democratic Front (LDF) wanted to wreck the pilgrimage and that the State should withdraw the prohibitory order immediately. He slammed the BJP for attempting to turn Sabarimala into a conflict zone.


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