From March 18 no passengers to India will be allowed to board from EU, Turkey and U.K.


New travel restrictions in place

Travel of passengers from EU countries, European Free Trade Association, Turkey, U.K. to India prohibited from March 18, the Heath Ministry announced on Monday. It has also imposed the following measures to avoid exposure to COVID-19.

  • Expanding compulsory quarantine for minimum 14 days for passengers coming from or transiting UAE, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait.
  • After Group of Ministers meeting, govt proposes social distancing measures to be in force till March 31.
  • Non-essential travel should be avoided; buses, trains and aeroplanes to maximize social distancing in public transport.
  • Encourage private sector organisations, employers to allow employees to work from home wherever feasible.
  • Travel restrictions have been further tightened to prevent spread of COVID-19 from high-risk areas.
  • Contact tracing of positive coronavirus cases led to identification of over 5,200 contacts who are under surveillance.
  • Local authorities to have dialogue with opinion leaders, religious leaders to regulate mass gatherings.

Meanwhile, ICMR’s Dr. Gangakhedhar sais that currently there is no evidence that we are landing into community transmission.


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