From garbage dump to garden, in a year


Residents bring forth the transformation, make full use of the garden

Within a year, residents of Eravukadu in Alappuzha municipality have turned a plot once used as a waste dump into a garden.

Local residents, especially the elderly, now visit the place and spend time reading newspapers, listening to radio, and talking.

The garden was officially opened to the public on Thursday. “Miscreants used to dump waste at the place, creating problems for the local residents. The municipality and residents tried everything, including night patrolling, but nothing stopped them from dumping waste. We initially transformed the place into a vertical garden with the help of a group, using discarded bottles and waste materials. But, it was damaged and people stopped visiting there. Since the residents did not want the place to be a dump again, they came together and constructed a beautiful garden. We have put up several facilities for people visiting the garden,” said councillor Soumya Raj, who spearheaded the transformation.

As part of setting up the garden, the residents carried out landscaping, installed benches, potable water facility, and FM radio among other facilities. People can also read newspapers and books available there.


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